Tobacco Hail & Windstorm

The essence of this insurance scheme is to offer the grower a level of cover adequate to ensure that, in the event of major damage the compensation paid will enable him or her to continue in operation for the following season. The levels of cover offered are reviewed annually and are based upon anticipated costs of production resulting from the damage effects of a hailstorm. THI's experience and efficient service delivery ensure prompt claims payment and accurate underwriting, for both commercial and small-scale farmers.

Tobacco Crop Processing, Infrastructure & Transit

Previously known as Field to Floor, this policy specifically covers crop processing, infrastructure and transit risk to the floors. It is designed to provide tobacco crop cover against fire and accidental damage during curing, while in the grading sheds, storage and in transit to the auction floor. Barn structures and farm buildings can also be covered against for fire and allied covers.

Comprehensive Farming Insurance

THI offers multi-peril farm insurance for implements and equipment including building structures, all crops and livestock.

Farm Worker's Accident Cover

This includes a stated benefit cover for farm employees with the given benefits per scale when they are involved in an accidental injury (non-political and non-domestic violence) on a 12-hour cover, subject to the policy terms and conditions.