What to do when your crop is damaged by hail or windstorm

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It is important to ensure that your tobacco crop is insured against the risk of Hail or Windstorm strikes with a reputable insurance company.  THI Insurance, a general and agricultural insurer, has the expertise spanning several decades in dealing with Tobacco Hail and Wind Insurance, to provide you with the necessary insurance to cover your crop and see you through to the next season.

Within 72 hours of each and every storm you must:

  1. Complete a Strike Notification Card in duplicate which is part of your THI insurance documents. The original document is handed over to the Senior Hail Inspector of your respective District, while the Duplicate is passed onto THI offices. If you do not a have Senior Hail Inspector in your district contact THI Insurance directly.
  2. Contact your Broker, Senior Hail Inspector or the THI office Immediately ,
    • If your tobacco crop was damaged at any time before your cover commenced. Pre-insurance inspection costs are not borne by the insurer and would have to be covered by you, the farmer.
    • If your tobacco was damaged within 7 days after your cover commenced, or
    • If you consider you should have a first inspection completed e.g. if you intend to cover over or remove any reapable leaf – whether damaged or not.

3. Have the officially stamped duplicate copy of your Cover Application Form, showing the detailed map diagram available, for the Hail inspectors when they call.


In order to ensure that your insurance claims are processed timeously, here are a few reminders on your duties and obligations as the insured.

Your tobacco is at risk 21 days from planting in the lands

There is a compulsory 78 hour waiting period before your cover commences and you carry the entire risk during this period. Damage before or during these 78 hours is taken automatically as a PRE-INSURANCE STRIKE and this requires immediate inspection and reporting. The cost if pre-insurance inspection is borne by the grower.

Strike Notification

If your insured crop is damaged, you must complete a STRIKE NOTIFICATION CARD for each storm and send the original to your Senior Hail Inspector and post the Duplicate to our THI offices. If you consider that there is a good reason to have immediate inspection (e.g you intend to pick-up or remove/cove some reapable leaf; whether damaged or not) then contact your Senior Hail Inspector immediately.

Inspection Reports

If your crop is damaged and has been inspected, ensure that you obtain acknowledgement from THI Head office to indicate that all reports have been received.

Area Adjustments

All amendments or changes must be notified to THI Head office. If there is an increase in the adjustment of the area insured, please remember there is a 78 hour waiting period before cover commences on the additional area

Remember to insure your agriculture and general insurance through THI, speak to your broker today or contact us directly.