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Tobacco Hail Claims Paid in Full

THI is renowned for its policy of early claims payment, and this year’s tumultuous tobacco season, in which we experienced the heaviest hail storms on record, is no exception.  THI continues its clean bill of health for honouring payment of claims for customers where we received the premium in full.   After all, we have almost 79 years of experience in this business and we will continue to provide a reliable and trustworthy service to ensure customers  are able to move forward with the next season as we demonstrated our ability and agility in settling their claims timeously .

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Corporate Social Responsibility Highlights

Recognising the synergy between THI’s overall business objectives and those of its valued customers and stakeholders, THI has invested in several community initiatives since its rebranding last year.

THI Insurance Nursery unveiled at Pitlochry Estate

In July this year, the THI Insurance Nursery at Pitlochry Estate in Karoi, Mashonaland West Province,  in collaboration with Friends of the Environment (FOTE), was unveiled.  The nursery is a long-term project to support local reforestation  initiatives, ensuring farmers within the community benefit from sustainable timber lots, as well as orchards,   The area is currently affected by deforestation by many farmers who need valuable timber to cure their tobacco.

The event saw businessmen and women, community leaders and school children, as well as neighbouring farmers and district councillors come together to support the initiative which includes financial and technical support for a project that aims to provide 250,000 tree seedlings for distribution to local farmers.  Objectives include the replenishment of woodlands and forests, while also ensuring the Karoi-Mashonaland West community recognises the importance of reforestation to ensure sustainable farming activities and improve environmental practices.

The project also has the generous commitment and community support from the Dzanya family from Pitlochry, an established tobacco growing estate in Karoi.   In turn, FOTE, in partnership with local Agritex officers, are providing technical support and project supervision, as well as invaluable advice and project liaison.  The nursery is a deliberate effort to bring tree seedlings to the doorstep of both established and emerging tobacco farmers, and an enormous collective effort by everyone involved which will show tangible benefits in reforestation projects and the support of this community towards its socio-economic viability for the long-term.

THI supports Zimbabwe’s sporting community

Since THI’s rebranding, the company’s new visual identity can be seen on several teams’ sporting apparel, including the Zimbabwe Paralympic Rowing Team, the Tobacco Industries Rugby Club, as well as the Hwange Pump Legs for Water ride.

THI got behind Zimbabwe’s inspirational four person coxed para-rowing team which took part in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.  Against all odds, and with the determination of of rowing coach Rachel Davis, the team qualified for the games after only beginning formal training in the same year.

Sponsorship was also given to the Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco team, aptly named ‘The Herd’, in support of The pumping Legs for Water mountain bike ride.  The ride is a Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe initiative since 2008 – a 120km ride over two days raising funds for water pumps, solar systems, maintenance and spares for Hwange National Park.  The Herd group was awarded the Committee Trophy for most funds raised and an award for spirit of the ride.

As Zimbabwe’s tobacco community is one of THI’s largest stakeholder groups, the company is delighted to sponsor The Tobacco Industries Rugby Club jerseys with the new THI logo.